Friday, February 8, 2013

Supporting GegenStimmen

Dear GegenStimmen fans and friends,

We recently posted about how you can donate to the GegenStimmen project through Neues Atelier. All funds are administered through Neues, and are put towards this and future projects. Donations are possible in advance by contacting Neues Atelier (or emailing us at neuesDOTgegenstimmenATgmailDOTcom) and arranging payment, and on site during our event. Neues Atelier is a registered non-profit “Verein” in Austria.

As a personal thank you, we offer you exciting tokens of appreciation depending on how much you donate:

15€ - ”Ich Liebe Neues” card that allows you two years of freebies and discounts relating to all Neues Atelier productions. Includes art card related to the theme of “GegenStimmen.”

30€ - GegenStimmen A4 poster, signed by some of the GegenStimmen participants.

40€One page of score by one of the participating composers of GegenStimmen, signed by the composer. If the donation is received prior to Feb. 22, you will receive the piece framed.

Other unique rewards and pieces for larger donations (please contact us directly by email or talk to us during our event):

One calligraphy autograph, signed and created by Alexandra Fol. The gift giver will also receive a hand-written letter and a signed copy of SICS [Objective] Intermezzi by post.
Several unique mixed media art pieces, handmade by Clio Montrey