Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Please Support GegenStimmen Through Neues Atelier

Artists, like everyone else, need to function within the physical world. In order to do that, some physical means are necessary in order to help projects run smoothly.

Neues Atelier, the organization through which GegenStimmen is run, is a registered non-profit society. They do projects throughout the year with much social and artistic relevance.

Please consider supporting the GegenStimmen project through Neues Atelier, as well as the Atelier in general. All funds are administered through Neues, and are put towards this and future projects. In addition, depending on how much you give, you can receive exciting perks with the organization such as an “Ich liebe Neues” card. Details to follow, including how much donation (in Euro) gets you what reward!

Please contact Neues Atelier if you wish to donate: mailDOTneuesatelierATgmailDOTcom

You may also contact the GegenStimmen project directly:



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